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Plush Wool Mattress Pad

Plush, soft and comfortable. So thick and luxurious, it could be called a topper instead of a pad.

Helps wick away body moisture at night, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Helps protect your mattress from sweat and so on.


  • Made from organic merino wool, woven to an organic cotton backing
  • Wool is processed in a facility free of polyester or other non-natural fibers
  • The sheep are organically raised and humanely treated. (Some of their coats are dark, so you might see some dark fibers in the pad.)

Note: this is a natural product. The wool is not bleached or treated with other harsh methods. You might see a small amount of natural fibers from vegetation in the wool.


The plush pad is about 1" thick. It should be spot cleaned only.

An occasional afternoon in the sun will keep it fresh.

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