Wool topper Latex topper Wool plush pad
Wool Mattress Topper
Almost three inches of fluffy wool, to give you a featherbed feeling.

As low as $378.
Latex Mattress Topper
Two or even three inches of springy latex, wrapped in cotton and wool.

As low as $472.
Plush Wool Mattress Pad
A soft wool mattress pad thick enough to be a topper.

As low as $237.

Natural Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers are the ultimate way to customize your comfort and protect your mattress at the same time.

Our popular wool toppers are soft and comfortable, yet robust enough that you can make a layered bed from two of them. Or perhaps you'd prefer to float on a two or even three inch latex core, wrapped in a thick layer of organic cotton and wool. For a thinner topper, consider our plush pad, with an inch of soft wool on a cotton backing.
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