Eurotop latex mattress


Plush Eurotop Latex Mattress

Get all the benefits of a latex mattress with this luxurious Eurotop bed.

The Eurotop has a 6-inch latex core surrounded by a soft 2-inch topper above and below. The toppers soften the mattress and allow it to cradle you gently, while not lessening the proper support of the latex core in the middle.

The Eurotop is an excellent choice for sleepers who prefer a softer feel, and minimal sensation of movement from their partner.

This mattress is approximately 11 inches thick: 10 inches of latex, and another inch or so of organic wool and cotton.


  • The toppers and core are all made from pure organic Latex Green rubber. No need to worry about toxins, contaminants, or additives.
  • The outer is made from a European organic cotton fabric, quilted with organically processed wool (certified by Oregon Tilth) from organically raised sheep.
  • This mattress exceeds Oeko Tex purity standards. Unlike typical synthetic mattresses, you'll find no benzene, polyester fabrics, artificial fire retardants, formaldehyde, phenols, chlorine, pesticides, boric acid, mercury, antimony, lead, synthetic wool processing agents, or dimethyl sulfate.


The middle latex core is available in Firm or Extra Firm.


This mattress has a 20 year prorated warranty against manufacturer's defects, sagging, and compression.

To keep the mattress under warranty, you must support it with an appropriate foundation. A platform or slatted bed will work fine, or you can choose one of our natural foundations.

Latex mattresses are durable and long-lasting, and usually do not require flipping, but the Eurotop can be flipped periodically if you'd like.

Eurotop style mattress

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