About My Organic Mattress

This site was born after my wife developed health problems. Conventional medicine could offer no solutions, so we investigated natural alternatives.

We learned how toxic the "conventional" lifestyle really is. The food we eat, the clothing we were, even the homes we live in... all are far removed from the healthy environments humans used to live in. So we decided to live as naturally as possible.

Fortunately, this is becoming easier in our society. For example, organic food is becoming more widely available. But the same was not true of other parts of life. For example, while on this journey for a healthier life, we discovered...

Two Strange Facts

Strange fact #1: We spend approximately one-third of our lives in bed. Western countries like the United States have average life expectancies of 78-82 years. This means you will probably spend about 26 years in bed.

Strange fact #2: A modern bedroom is a surprisingly dangerous place to spend one-third of your life. That's because...

Conventional beds (and even their bedding)
are made with a long list of toxic chemicals.

And practically everything made from artificial chemicals will outgas for a long time after manufacturing.

Do you want to spend one-third of your life breathing poisonous fumes? We don't. That's why we started searching for beds and bedding that are natural and healthy.

We were glad to finally find these items. But we were dismayed that they were so hard to find.

We were sure that others would follow us on our journey for healthy sleep. So we decided to help people find these products.

We forged partnerships with the suppliers we had found -- manufacturers who are passionate (some would say fanatical) about creating the purest, most natural beds, bedding, and other items for this one-third of our lives.

And that's the purpose of this site. We're dedicated to providing you with only the purest sleep-related products available.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

Yours for deep, healthy slumber every night,

The staff at My Organic Mattress

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