Organic and latex mattresses Organic cotton sheets
Looking for a latex mattress? Our line of mattresses are tested for purity.
Sleep deeply in organic sheets, pillows, and other natural bedding.
Organic and latex mattresses Wool and latex mattress toppers
Our wonderful organic mattresses are available with both innerspring and rubber cores, as yielding or as firm as you desire.
Try our luxurious organic wool mattress toppers and latex mattress toppers. You deserve the best in natural comfort.

My Organic Mattress:
Your Source for Pure, Natural Mattresses, Beds, and Bedding

Did you know that conventional mattresses contain dangerous chemicals such as benzene, boric acid (roach killer), and formaldehyde? Why would anybody want to spend their nights snuggling up to these chemicals?

You'll find none of that here. My Organic Mattress is dedicated to providing you with the deepest, purest, safest sleep environment possible.

Perhaps you're looking for an organic mattress. We can supply you with a comfortable natural latex mattress, or organic innerspring mattresses made from organic cotton and wool.

Or perhaps you're looking for an organic mattress topper. You can choose a wonderful wool mattress topper, or a latex mattress topper. Or try our wonderful plush wool mattress pad.

What about organic sheets? We have those too.

You can shop with confidence. Our natural sleep products have been tested for purity.

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